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  • Open in a week

    Our Faire opens in just under a week. Saturday, July 15th, 11am-5pm, you know where to find us. Our confirmed vendors are listed on the Exhibitors page, with more in line to confirm over the next few days. We’ll have activities for the young and young-at-heart. Adult tickets are $10, those 12 and under $5.…

  • Costume Contest

    Admission is discounted for those in costume and we were blown away by the effort and imagination in costumery last year. This Faire, at 2pm, we’ll have a costume contest. Categories for Adults, teens, kiddos, and couples! With a hand stamp after admission, you can come and go from the Faire as you’d like. Stop…

  • First merchant!

    We’ve been contacting our merchants from last year and plenty new ones in preparation for the 2023 Master’s Faire and we’re excited to announce the first to confirm: Joyce Payne Pottery! You can find out more about Joyce’s work here, and look forward to seeing what she throws and fires for the Faire. Perhaps the…

  • Faire opens July 15th!

    Greetings one and all! We’re looking forward to hosting you all at our faire, scheduled for July 15th (time still to be determined by the Master). We hope you’ve found your way to our notice board on Facebook, as well, with regular thematic content.

  • Hello world!

    Check back for updates as we put the 2023 Faire together! If you’re interested in being a vendor, check out our Vendor Contact page to get in touch.